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What is a Chiringuito


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Chiringuito is a small bar usually to be found on the beach, some can be fixed buildings while some are just wooden sheds and can be lifted off the beach and be put in storage for the winter. Although... Read More

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Halloween party

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As we know Spain is a Catholic country and as such celebrates many religious holidays. One of which is All Souls Day on the 2nd November. On this day families attend churches, which are appropriatel... Read More

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El Raal - the Living Belen

The church at night

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El Raal has become well known over the last few years for it's unusual Belen. Whilst most Belen's are models depicting the Christmas Story in El Raal the Belen has real live people.
El Raal is a sm... Read More

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Money Matters


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As with other things in Spain, things to do with money are different here than in the rest of Europe and the UK.  We have put together some articles on money matters that we hope you will find helpfu... Read More

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Villanueva del Segura

The town of Villanueva is in the Ricote valley close by Archena and Ulea and 25 kms from the capital of the region Murcia . It is now principally a fruit growing area, but was originally settled by the Romans in the 4th century BC, however the present towns character comes from the Arabs who ruled the area up to the f... Read More


Blanca is a Spanish municipality in the Region of Murcia. It belongs to one of the six municipalities of the Ricote Valley (Valle de Ricote), together with Abaran, Ojos, Ricote, Ulea and Villanueva de Segura. Blanca is bordered on the north by the municipality of Abarán, on the south by those of Ulea and Ojos, on th... Read More


Ricote is a town and Spanish municipality in the autonomous community of Murcia. It has a population of around 1500 and covers a area of 87 km2.
The town is surrounded by mountains which reach heights of 1124m. They are covered by extensive pine forests and these attract both adventure tourism and nature lovers.
Th... Read More